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How many supporters will each Stage accommodate?

The Big Smile is planned to include social distancing measures as appropriate. This year we are limiting the number of participants to 25 per Stage. We will sub-divide into smaller groups, if we have to, to comply with the Government guidelines that apply for the area concerned at the time of the event. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make alterations as guidelines change. We will send you all the information you need to keep safe before the Event.

How fit will participants need to be?

The more training participants do beforehand, the more they are likely to enjoy the experience. The routes are designed to be achievable for most people – but will be challenging, some more than others. Please study the route details and other information provided on the website.

How old are the other participants likely to be?

Participants could range from 18 to 70 years old. Participants who are 65 years old or more should look to obtain a medical certificate signed by their GP, as will any participant with any sort of medical condition.

Can a friend, who isn’t signed up as a participant, walk with me?

No. Everyone taking part must be fully registered.

Can I bring my dog?

No. We can’t be responsible for their welfare and landowners often ask us not to bring dogs onto their land. We must respect this. Registered assistance dogs may be permitted but you must raise the matter with us as some Stages may not be suitable and may not be safe for a walker with an assistance dog.

What are the toilet facilities?

This will vary from Stage to Stage and we will explain this in the information we provide before the Event. There are likely to be toilet facilities close by the Start / Finish points and possibly at a rest stop along the route. On the circa 20 km Stages there is only likely to be one main lunch stop but there will be other shorter rest stops along the way.

What will I be eating?

We would expect that you will have eaten an appropriate breakfast before arriving at the Stage. You will need to pack yourself a lunch and appropriate snacks / drinks in your backpack. We will provide some guidance on this.

Can I park my car?

We will provide information on Car Parking close to the Start/Finish based on each stage.

Stage 44 – Yorkshire Three Peaks - Will we receive the official Certificate after completion?

Yes - we will arrange registration of our participation and all participants will receive the certificate afterwards.

What if lockdown restrictions or exceptional conditions force cancellation of the Stage or the Event?

If the weather is bad, we will carry on. Participants will be provided with a Kit List and should come prepared for all types of weather. Remember it is best to train with a backpack, so that you are used to walking a distance with your pack at full weight. In the case of extreme weather, we will try to reschedule the Stage wherever possible. You will be offered the option of accepting a place on the rescheduled Stage or a refund of your Registration Fee (if applicable). If Donors request a return of Donations for cancelled Stages, this will be accommodated.

How will we know if a Stage is already either fully, or partially, booked up?

The EventBrite system will give you the "live" situation re ticket availability. We will endeavour to keep the website updated as to Events that are "SOLD OUT". We will endeavour to keep the individual Stage pages of the website updated with this information. You can always contact us by e-mail using the e-mail address below.


For other questions and comments email info@bigsmileuk.co.uk

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